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Our Mission

Spokane Pedicab offers an environmentally-friendly transportation system, while providing a safe, entertaining, and informative taxi and tour experience. We wish to help clear traffic congestion and aid travelers' movements around downtown, but we wish to do this in an eco-conscious way. Pedicabs are zero-emission vehicles; unlike other vehicles such as automobiles, they do not emit harmful chemicals and compounds such as CO2 into the atmosphere which pollute our environment. We believe it is possible to still enjoy the luxuries of modern life while taking personal responsibility for reducing one's own carbon footprint.


Meet The Team!

Spokane Pedicab is locally owned and operated by two Gonzaga University students, Sam Youtsey and Kevin Darrow. They met their freshman year, the Fall of 2007 in the back of math class. There they formed a mutual respect and admiration for one another's abilities to dream big. Eventually, the two decided to set out upon the path to achieve their dreams of opening their own business. With much help from family and friends, Spokane Pedicab finally opened in the summer of 2009. Ever since, these two students have striven to provide the best possible customer service possible, all while having no negative impact on the environment.



Kevin Darrow is a Spokane native, born in Bend, OR and raised here in Spokane since the age of 1.


Sam Youtsey was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and moved up to Spokane to attend Gonzaga University.










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